Count your steps with iSteps Pedometer

iSteps is a an easy and reliable pedometer that uses the accelerometer in your iPod touch / iPhone to track your steps during walking. It also calculates distance, average speed and total calories burned.

iSteps is a fun way to help you promote your physical activity. For long-term health it is recommended that we take approx. 10,000 steps a day. For successful weight loss, daily steps should amount to 12,000-15,000.

To get started using iSteps, set up your personal profile by entering your height in cm or inches, your weight in lbs or kg, and choose how you want your results displayed, either in kcal or kJ and distance in miles or km. Then press the button and you are ready to GO!

You can wear your iPhone or iPod touch by your waist, in your pocket or you can even carry it in your hand.

The iSteps interface dims after 45 seconds as a power-saving feature. Touch the screen and it lights up again. iSteps counts and accumulates your steps until you choose to press the reset button.

USD 1.99


Problems after OS 4.0 upgrade:
Apps sometimes stop working after an OS upgrade. A reboot of the iPhone will most likely fix the problem.
If rebooting does not help you can try reinstalling the app. Go to:
Please be aware that you will lose the log information in iSteps and iSteps settings will be set to default afterwards.

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